June Challenge is Live | Calisthenics

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Challenge #05 - May


About the challenge

What is the “KAREN” WOD?

The athlete have to complete 150 repetitions of Wall Balls (9kg) as fast as possible.

The target should be placed 3m above the ground.

Rest as needed during the workout, either by holding the ball or with the ball on the ground.

Timecap is 20 min.
(If you can't finish within this time, choose a 6kg ball or fewer reps to complete the challenge. We want you to participate rather than doing nothing)

Watch Aitor Luna completing the WOD in 4:15 min.

The winner

The athlete completing 150 repetitions with the fastest time.

1st prize

join the final event on May. 25th

Butcher's LAB

12:00 - 14:00