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''The worth of a product or service isn't determined by the monetary value, but about the personal value you assign to it, whether it's a piece of clothing or knowledge''

Jonas Togo (Founder)


Shared by our founder.

Your intuition don't lie.

A close friend of mine spent 32 hours painting an illustration of Son Goku on the back of an old denim jacket as part of a project we did together showcasing her as an artist.

Wearing that jacket afterward would eventually travel with me around the world and give me the courage to pursue my passion for telling stories with a camera and building a community of like-minded people who wanted to push their physical and mental limits.

The feeling of capability that this piece of clothing gave me is still the same feeling I aim for people to experience when they wear or think of TOQO.

Trust the process.

A full year went by in developing the brand strategy, visual identity, and deciding which suppliers to work with.

The biggest lessons learned during this period of time were:

1. How closed, reserved, and old-school the clothing industry/suppliers are.

2. No one cares about the struggles you face along the way; be your own biggest fan.

2. There is no such thing as sustainability when it comes to fashion.

Develop, showcase, and explain.

The design principles of our icon and logo were finalized in time for the first meeting outside of Denmark with a supplier in Europe who helped us with the first TOQO products (the Long Sleeve & Shorts).

TOQO was presented for the first time at Rotary International, of which my grandfather was a part for more than 40 years.

The greatest achievement of TOQO is still that he got to witness the brand's process before he passed away in 2023.

Writing chapter one.

Numerous individuals have contributed to laying the groundwork for TOQO.

Interns played a vital role in building the website, while my network provided invaluable support in design and finance.

Additionally, friends assisted in product testing through lifting weigths and running trials.

Personally, I conducted tests by climbing mountains and filming football players while wearing our products to ensure they meet our specific criteria for quality.

The final steps were taken during the Christmas holiday in 2023 to create our launch film, which was anchored in our values and manifesto.

Launch day.

On January 1st, TOQO was officially launched, marking the beginning of our season.

We developed and introduced the #toqochallenge2024, comprising 12 monthly challenges designed to assess our community's physical and mental capabilities.

Time to build.

Focus - Lift - Move - Repeat.



The key to a happy and fullfilling life is retaining the courage and desire to gain knowledge about yourself and your place in the society. Who do you want to become and what can you do today to take one step further towards that desire?


Talk is cheap. If you have not created something out of your words, those words are just empty and useless affirmations of what you wish for. Walk the talk.


If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

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Jonas Togo

Jonas is a self-taught Creative Director and training enthusiast.

Since 2009, he has developed knowledge about physical exercise, studied 2 years of physiotherapy, and has a curious mindset about how to achieve purpose in life and maintain a strong mental capacity on a daily basis.

In 2020-2021, he started TOQO as part of his journey to become a master of body and mind after a series of physical and mental injuries caused his body to not function as it used to, suddenly losing strength, focus, and eyesight.